The attic apartment in this farmhouse is a charming space characterized by a cozy and refined atmosphere. The sleeping area features a comfortable double bed, perfect for a rejuvenating rest after a day spent exploring the surrounding countryside.

In the living area you will find a practical sofa bed, ideal for accommodating any travel companions or for indulging in moments of relaxation during the day, perhaps reading a book or watching TV.

The kitchenette is well organized and equipped with everything you need for cooking: stove, refrigerator, cooking utensils and dishes. It is a perfect place to prepare delicious meals with fresh local ingredients.

To ensure maximum comfort in all seasons, there is an air conditioning system that will allow you to adjust the temperature according to your preferences, ensuring a pleasant environment throughout your stay.

The attic design lends a charming touch to the apartment, creating an intimate and cozy atmosphere that perfectly complements the rustic style of the farmhouse, offering you a charming retreat during your vacation.


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