Not far away from the Amalfi Coast and the Cilento, in a land rich in beauty, culture and archeology, the baronial family Negri has, in Gaiano of Fisciano (Salerno), an ancient farmhouse, near the eighteenth-century home, "The Court", surrounded by the green park of Irno.

Monica, the only daughter of Baron Antonio Negri, wanted to transform the holiday home in a charming farm, in memory of his father and to allow all guests to enjoy the enchantment, the quiet, the ancient tastes and scents of this green corner of paradise, which reminds her childhood summer holidays.

The ancient forests of hazelnuts, chestnuts and walnuts, with the old vineyard, create immense greenery around the farmhouse, which offers an familiar hospitality, traditional regional cuisine, the comfortable simplicity of the rooms, the cool of the pool, the relaxation of a walk in the garden or a caress of the beloved animals.

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